In a new interview, the reporting team behind Safety Detectives featured Teramind’s own VP of RD, Isaac Kohen! Highlights of the interview follow:

Aviva Zacks sat down with Isaac Kohen, Teramind, VP of R&D, and found out his company is doing to help us protect ourselves from today’s cyberthreats.

Safety Detective: How did you get into cybersecurity, and what do you love about it?

Isaac Kohen: I love technology’s potential to solve so many of our most pressing problems, and I’ve committed much of my professional career to developing new and better ways to use technology in this capacity. My efforts are not exclusively cybersecurity-related, but this is a subset of tech adoption that I care about deeply. Because I believe in the possibility of technology, I want to see these systems thrive and to help prevent company and customer data from being misused and abused.

SD: What are some industries that use Teramind’s technology and why?

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