In a new software review for behavior analytics and employee monitoring, Tech Radar has published its feedback on the reviewer’s firsthand experience using Teramind!

The review is balanced and forward-looking, starting off with this initial commentary:

“Probably one of the best employee tracking tools available with powerful rule-based analysis.” 

The 4 out of 5 star review also notes:

“Based in Miami, Florida, Teramind was founded in 2014 and has since established itself as a global provider of employee monitoring, remote user management, behaviour analytics, insider threat detection, forensics and data loss prevention solutions.

Its products aren’t designed to find out who spends too much time on Facebook but are orientated to those industries with sensitive data that a rogue employee or contractor might be tempted to take, or strict compliance rules that need to be maintained for employees, remote users and contractors.

Today, we’ll look specifically at Teramind Starter, but also mention its UAM and DLP platform on which this product is built.”

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