Employee monitoring software has become a ubiquitous part of the modern professional landscape. Not only are companies charged with protecting their customers’ data – an increasingly difficult assignment in today’s perilous digital landscape – but they are tasked with obtaining the insights necessary to foster success in a digital-first workspace. 

It’s estimated that more than 80% of all companies are implementing some expression of employee monitoring software, and these businesses have many options to choose from. 

In this competitive environment, we are thrilled that PC Mag has named Teramind the top employee monitoring software in 2019

For this year’s roundup, PC Mag tested ten products that ranged from basic time tracking software to data-driven surveillance systems, using metrics including affordability, customization, automation, and functionality. 

Noting Teramind’s comprehensive role as an enterprise monitoring solution, PC Mag writes, “Teramind stands alone in the level of automation admins can configure when it comes to user-specific rules and alerts, and additional advanced functionality such as live OCR, historic playback mode, remote desktop control, and audio support for microphone and headphone monitoring in call centers.”

Of course, these features are significantly less helpful if the UX interferes with the software’s functionality. Therefore, Teramind strives to create a seamless and simple user experience, something that PC Mag also identifies. 

“Teramind was also one of the easiest tools we tested to install agents, configure the admin dashboard, and get up and running fast without much hassle,” the publication wrote. 

While employee monitoring software doesn’t have to harken images of “Big Brother,” it’s possible for companies to misuse this software to the detriment of their employees. Believing in the priority of employee privacy, Teramind develops its software to specifically address this component, another feature that was noted in the review. 

It explains, “Teramind, for example, allows remote employees who have a revealed (but not incognito) agent to press Start and Stop so that monitoring only happens while the employee is on the clock.”

Teramind’s high marks in the enterprise and SMB sector reflect the company’s mission to provide an entirely comprehensive and incredibly competent software at an affordable price. By combining technological competencies and an intuitive interface at a cost that doesn’t require compromise, Teramind is ensuring that companies of all sizes have the software that they need to meet the unique needs of our current moment.