When it comes to data protection and digital privacy, 2018 was a veritable disaster. From the continually expanding list of companies reeling from devastating data breaches to Facebook’s iterative apology tour, it’s been a troubling year.

Unfortunately, the data landscape isn’t likely to improve anytime soon. Even so, the new year represents an opportunity to regain perspective and reorganize around the data trends that will define the year ahead. It’s a chance to start over, to pursue new initiatives and to do better at protecting users’ data and preserving their confidence.

Here are five things that will matter most for data protection in 2019.

1. More Emphasis On Insider Threats

In the past, companies focused their data defenses on protecting against external attacks; however, there is a growing awareness that the most imminent threat is actually sitting in the office cubicle.

Everything from negligence and accidental sharing to malicious data transfers and data theft are creating big problems for companies, and more mistakes are sure to be made in 2019. The problem is incredibly pervasive, accounting for more than half of data loss events, and companies are beginning to take action. I should know, as my company offers data loss prevention and employee monitoring solutions.

Robust employee monitoring software will become more prevalent as a tool for detecting and defeating internal threats. Fortunately, this technology is becoming more capable, actively differentiating between private information and company data and incorporating dynamic user profiling to detect abnormalities that could indicate a potential breach. Ultimately, by taking care of their own internal threats, companies can significantly mitigate the risk of succumbing to a data loss event.

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