The small town doctor in private practice. The Silicon Valley startup with 100 employees trying to disrupt through technology. Or the ecommerce business fighting to differentiate against Amazon to financial consultants on whose advice you bank your wealth investment decisions. These small and medium businesses (SMBs) and so many others impact us every day.  They’re dedicated, fierce, and the backbone of the global economy – employing nearly 48% of the private workforce in the US alone.

For as much as they give to society and the economy, SMBs also by and far are at great risk – for their own livelihoods and to the peril of their own customers and employees. The culprit? How they manage their approach to protect data from healthcare and patient records to credit card numbers and personally identifiable information. It only takes one cyber attack, malicious employee’s wrong move or even the business owner’s negligence – and boom! – a data breach has happened.

But it’s not their fault. Selecting, installing, configuring and maintaining a data loss prevention system typically requires a substantial, up-front financial commitment for the software license, in addition to the hardware investment, and IT and compliance resources to manage and maintain the implementation. This leaves most SMBs exposed with respect to their compliance requirements and effective protection against malicious and accidental data loss. 

There has never been an equally intelligent and affordable option on par with what the Global 2000 companies use for these small businesses for effective data loss prevention.

Until now. At Teramind, we are ourselves entrepreneurs and small business patrons alike. We are offering “DLP for the rest of us” in the form of our Intelligent DLP Cloud solution.

We believe Cloud-based, managed solutions should be made available to all, removing the barriers to entry with respect to price and deployment cost.  That’s why we offer Teramind DLP for Cloud, with full feature-parity to the enterprise product, with only a 5-user minimum and no commitment. Teramind DLP Cloud, 100% managed by Teramind, with no need to set up, configure and maintain a DLP platform.  Teramind DLP is also available with private-cloud and on-premise deployment options for organizations who prefer to manage their DLP implementations.

With over 2000 customers on the Teramind platform since 2014, Teramind is a leader in Data Loss Prevention, with an integrated platform that goes beyond the traditional DLP approaches, delivering on the promise of an integrated, intelligent  DLP solution that is based on user behavior, combining user activity monitoring, user behavior analytics, forensics and data loss prevention in a single unified platform, with a single common rules and policy creation and management environment, AD and SIEM integration.  

For more information about Teramind DLP, please visit here, take a guided tour of the platform or get a free 14-day trial with no commitment to see the platform perform with your own data.