During the World Cup event it would appear that Russia was able to successfully prevent 25 million cyber attacks. Early in June Lastline conducted a survey among security professionals, of which 72% believed that there would be major attempts to attack the World Cup.

During the #WorldCup event it would appear that #Russia was able to successfully prevent 25 million #cyber attacks. Click To Tweet

This was the first time the event was held in Russia, however the prediction for a cyber attempt appears to come from historical major attacks that happen whenever there is an international event. One such attack happened in February of this year at the Winter Olympics where the website was taken down for 12 hours.

McAfee also published a warning ahead of the world cup warning fans against malicious apps, stream sites, and wifi locations. Some people may have missed the warning though as it seems as 100 Israeli military personnel fell victim to some malicious apps targeted towards people trying to keep track of scoring during the World Cup. Russia’s defense of cyber attacks.

David Grout, Southern European Technical Director at FireEye, stated to InfoSecurity Magazine that the 25 million number may seem high at first glance but is actually quite normal for anyone working in the field. Grout also stated, “There were also risks from state-sponsored groups attempting to destabilize the IT and EO infrastructure used during the World Cup.”

Phishing attacks against World Cup fans were well in effect often coming in the form of emails and apps with headlines related to scores or ticket pricing. Some of these phishing scams went started weeks before the World Cup as security firms and governments were attempting to warn populations.

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