Most companies have invested significantly in technology to protect their systems and data from hackers. But what’s often overlooked in cybersecurity—the human element—is just as dangerous, if not more dangerous.

IBM reported in 2014 that human error is a contributing factor in more than 95 percent of security incidents investigated. The computing giant has also reported that some 60 percent of attacks are carried out by insiders. Recent massive attacks like WannaCry and Petya were linked to poor decisions from employees and other insiders.

The human element is just beginning to get broader attention. It was the focus of a two-day tutorial at the recent RSA conference in San Francisco, and it’s been the subject of much discussion lately from researchers and writers at Harvard Business Review, Duke University and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), among many other notable organizations.

If your organization has all its eggs in the technology basket while ignoring the risks your own employees present, the good news is it’s not too late to take action. Follow these tips and strategies to boost the effectiveness of your cyber security and reduce the risk of insider threats. Continue reading with TechSpective.