The wait is over. The Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit has commenced. The summit guarantees to be a comprehensive overview of cyber security standards, integration across platforms, compliance regulation and data protection. Further, the Summit explores security trends and how they are interacting with and impacting the threat landscape. It’s a guarantee that you will learn even more than this, the information and insight is overflowing. This is the place to be, come get ‘smarter with Gartner.’

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We’ve compiled a list of talks that you don’t want to miss out on. These talks below revolve around machine learning, user analytics and insider threats. Make sure you put these talks on your list.

Talks and speakers we’re most excited about.

Outlook for Security Talent 2018. Presented by Matthew T. Stamper, Research Director, Gartner and Sam Olyaei, Principal Research Analyst, Gartner

Take a look at the future of the cyber security world and talent with AI, ML, IoT, blockchain, etc. in mind.

Managing the Insider Threat – Why Employee Monitoring is No Longer Taboo. Presented by Jonathan Care, Research Director, Gartner

Learn about employee monitoring and its aid in detecting and preventing internal threats as well as its contributions to providing a secure workspace environment.

Tips for Selecting the Right Security Analytics Tools for Your SOC. Presented by Jeremy D’Hoinne, Research VP, Gartner and Toby Bussa, Research VP, Gartner

Hot tech topics such as user behavior analytics, intrusion detection, etc. are discussed here in reference to achieving the best security tools to maintain threat visibility within your security center.

Beyond Detection: 5 Core Security Patterns to Prevent Highly Evasive Threats and Detection: 5 Core Security Patterns to Prevent Highly Evasive Threats. Presented by Mario de Boer, Research VP, Gartner

Identify five security patterns useful in recognizing threats without needing to depend on traditional user behavior analytics and detection tactics.

Reduce Access Risk and Increase Usability With UEBA. Mary Ruddy, Research VP, Gartner

Machine learning techniques and how it is enabling businesses to meet modern digital business demands are covered at this talk. User and entity behavior analytics and their impact on machine learning are also discussed.

Successfully Securing, Governing, Managing, and Analyzing Data All Starts With the Right Classification. Alan Dayley, Research VP, Gartner and Marc-Antoine Meunier, Research Director, Gartner

ML and AI are taken into consideration with classification to effectively secure, govern, manage and analyze data.

Discover the talk schedule at the Gartner website.

We hope these highlights helped you prepare. Go get your agenda ready! See you at the Summit. We will be at booth #560.