May was a long anticipated month for a historic data protection law. GDPR was a well talked about subject over the last year, but in May, we saw it’s implementation and experts weighing in on best practices and top concerns for the regulation.

Review these top posts on GDPR regulation and practices.

GDPR Regulation Compliance Concerns: The Top Experts Speak

As the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in just a few short weeks, companies are in high preparation mode to make sure they’re current with the new regulation. READ MORE >>


What is GDPR: Who Really Owns the Data in Your Company?

The latest Facebook conflict has resurfaced a decades old debate among the general public. Technology is exciting and the digital winds of change have been upon us for decades now. READ MORE >>


In addition to GDPR, ITSC published several articles related to progressive strategies in data threat mitigation. From email monitoring to law firm cyber security, these are top posts to review.

Remote Employee Monitoring: Remote Workers on the Rise

We are all living and breathing in a technology driven world. As technology takes on a bigger role within the world, many industries outside of the tech field are welcoming the idea of remote employee workforces and remote work. READ MORE >>



Law Firm Cyber Security: Insider Threats – Key Tactics to Prevent Breaches and Respond to Incidents
In the last two years two major data breaches made headlines worldwide. The two data breaches were the Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers. While law firms have traditionally implemented extensive measures to protect client data. READ MORE >>



Ransomware is Evolving, Can Security Keep Up?
Ransomware is Evolving, Can Security Keep Up?

Ransomware has been around for a few years, but it seems in the last two years they seem to have gotten extremely dangerous. Ransomware has been around for about 12 years and started off as simple locking mechanisms that targeted specific file types such as jpg, pdf, and doc. READ MORE >>


Email Monitoring: Why It’s an Important Part of Your Data Security Strategy
The world of data security is experiencing a wealth of innovative advances thanks to new developments in information technology. With new tools being developed daily sometimes many consumers will want to have the latest and greatest technology in order to feel they have the best possible security. READ MORE >>