Thousand of industry thought leaders will descend upon London the first full week of June for the Infosecurity Europe 2018 conference. It’s dubbed as the place where “everyone and everything you need to know in information security” is located. It sounds like a security information stronghold.

As a way to navigate the heavy load of information from Infosecurity Europe speakers, seminars and talks, we’ve compiled a list of talks that we think should be on your attendee list. These talks cover the ever important topics of:

  1. Insider threats
  2. Advance mitigation methods
  3. Data driven approaches to data security
  4. Machine learning
  5. The human factor

Get started – there’s no time to waste creating your schedule around these informative talks. The conference is only a few days away.

Top Tech Talks to Attend

Defending the Cloud: How Enumerating Enterprise Cloud Services Makes Organisations Ripe for Targeted Phishing Attacks

Learn how the “tools and services in use by an enterprise can enable an attacker to create highly-relevant phishing lures to gain access to crucial cloud services.” MORE >>

Protection Starts with People: Defending Against the Next-Generation of Attacks

Adenike Cosgrove in this informative talk explains how “security strategies must evolve and be centred on protecting people from advanced threats via email, cloud applications, social media, and the web.” MORE >>

Workshop 1: Protecting your Endpoint Infrastructure Against the most Elusive Threats

Bitdefender’s workshop explores the topic on how to secure your infrastructure against the most elusive threats. MORE>>

Applying a Data-Driven Approach to Machine Learning

Learn how “machine learning can help enterprises be better, smarter, and faster in the fight against cybercrime by having advanced analytics at its fingertips to solve real problems.” MORE>>

What Behavioural Indicators Should CISOs be Looking for to Mitigate the Insider Threat?

Vice President and Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for Centrify – Andy Heather – leads a great discussion on “What Behavioural Indicators Should CISOs be Looking for to Mitigate the Insider Threat?” MORE >>

How to Spotlight the Threats That Get Through Your Defences

Learn how to “focus on the threats that matter most: the ones that can penetrate your defenses.” MORE>>

Demystifying the Dark Web: Through Automated Data Monitoring, Collection & Intelligence Production

Understand the current dark web “threat landscape, obtain the situational awareness to connect the dots to help prevent potential attacks, mitigate damage if attacks have already happened and help prevent them from happening again.” MORE >>

From Cyber-Threat to Cyber-Ally: Changing Behaviour to Drive a Risk-Aware Culture

Learn the best strategies for “mitigating human risk [that is] at the heart of any information security strategy.” MORE >>

Building Security That Thinks – Machine Learning Fundamentals for Cyber security Professionals

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is an important cybersecurity arsenal, to defend, detect, and automate incident response. MORE >>

Proactive Security Needs a Change of Attitude

The human factor will always be an important factor. This session how “cyber education addresses the “people factor” creating a new line of defence to deliver protection and lessons learned to minimise future breaches.” MORE >>

A Data-Driven Approach to Risk-Based Cyber-Physical Security

Take a data-driven approach to combat threats by using “calculated, adaptive, timely choices. One advantage we now have is that we can generate and collect more information than ever before. All this information we are collecting provides the opportunity for rich visibility and an evidence base for establishing a proactive cyber-physical security posture.” MORE >>

Leveraging AI for Dynamic & Surgical Autonomous Response for Cyber Defence

“Proposing a new approach to cyber defence, which uses dynamic AI systems that can counter the activity of malicious threats. This new advanced AI technology can autonomously contain and monitor relevant threats, increasing confidence that a problem is emerging before automatically stopping the threat without interrupting normal business and employee activities.” MORE >>

Detecting Insider Threats Using Data Science

“Specific topics include anomaly detection, context intelligence estimation, targeted scenario detection, and false positive control.” MORE >>

Humans vs Machines

“This talk looks at how users are attacked through social engineering. Why social engineering works. What companies should do to stop social engineering attacks and create a security policy and implementation that works for theirs users.” MORE >>

Why Security Analysts Remain the Differentiator for Intelligence in Anomaly Detection?

“Technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Security Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, amongst others are being hailed as the answer to combatting anomaly detection, but the reality is that these technologies are still a while away from being the answer to all our cyber prayers.” MORE >>

We hope this list of sessions was informative for you. See you at booth E220!