What do your employees do throughout their work day? Ideally, employees tap into their productive skill set and focus on the tasks assigned to them. Employee productivity is high on an employer’s list of concerns. But without actually monitoring the activity of your employees, do you really know the ins and outs of their workday? Sure, Andrew in accounting has his projects in on time, but is he a procrastinator who works well under pressure or does he put effort into producing the best project possible? This can become an issue if your employee likes to put work off until the deadline. Within a team setting, peers may be waiting for their portion of work. Overall, this can significantly delay deadlines and damage your profit.

Monitoring software is a blend of user analytics and data security features formulated to provide a comprehensive overview of your company. Without employee monitoring software, it can be hard to discern just how your employees are really utilizing their work hours.

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Once your company has been deployed with monitoring software you are instantly able to view your employee’s work period through a productivity analysis. Within an employee productivity analysis you can access several factors. The productive versus nonproductive time is viewable, and you’re able to view what websites are visited and active/idle time are included in the analysis.

After viewing the productivity analysis you are able to choose what websites are deemed productive to the output of work and what websites are a hindrance. As the administrator, you can place smart rules that regulate the access that your employees have to websites, apps, etc. Spending too long on social media or visiting a unproductive website will send a notification to your employee to redirect. The tone of the notifications is customizable to your needs and the offense at hand, options such as logging an employee out or locking their account are also available.

Are these 5 comical scenes happening during work hours?


Employees watching cat videos

Doesn’t everyone enjoy a good, funny cat video? We bet your employees do! These videos are an easy way to mentally clock out of work. But what happens to work tasks while your employee giggles at the cat swatting a dripping faucet? Productivity likely screeches to a halt. Your employee is no longer looking at anything work related and their own work related train of thought has exited. The loss of production is bad enough, but what about the site your employees are using to watch their cat vines? The sites could be infected, unsecure and the employee could download or click something malicious


Employees just can’t wait for friyay (Friday)

Another productive killer is searching, reading and sharing memes and/or gifs. You’d be surprised how often it’s happening under your nose. It’s easy enough to fall into the rabbit hole of the web and end up wasting a lot of valuable time. Are these memes and gifs being downloaded to your infrastructure and what about the security of the sites they are coming from? These are unpredictable and unproductive factors. Also, the employee sending the funnies is also distracting the receiving employee, and you now have two unproductive employees.


Streaming last night’s Game of Thrones episode

Did you miss last night’s premiere of your favorite TV show? No problem, stream it at work and save your data. Right? Wrong. An employee kicking back and streaming their favorite TV show may be no cause for alarm on lunch break, but what about during work hours? Watching TV is a sure way to kill productivity.


Overactive Bladder Barbara

Employees wanting to secretly detach from their tasks may scurry off to the bathroom for lengthy periods or in high frequency. An employee can quickly eat away time. This may be difficult to monitor with monitoring software, but if your pinpoint a period of idle time you may want to investigate further. Drop by their desk to see if they’re gone or if your employees are remote, send them an instant message to check in.


Revamping their DIY pinterest board

Itching to try a new recipe? Love creating virtual wardrobes of clothes you’ll never wear? Chances are your employees do and they may do so while at work. This is possibly the most time consuming distraction on the list, and the associated temptation can melt into other social media platforms. Spending too much time of Facebook? This act is sure to effectively hinder your company’s output for the day.

Here’s the solution – What can you do to guard against these distractions?

While all of these offenses seem harmless enough, they do have serious implications. Excessive time wasted results in a loss of profit for your company. Also, visiting unknown sites pose a security risk to your data and security.  As an employer, implementing policies relating to acceptable practice while at work, social media policies, etc. will aid in “beefing up” you monitoring techniques. In turn, you may incorporate the policies into your employee monitoring software. With this in mind, when you create your rules and guidelines, you are able to shape them around your policies.

Overall, employee monitoring software can reduce the issue of unproductive times as well as keep your data secure. So even if you choose to allow your employees a few minutes to decompress, you can be confident that your bases are covered. Get Fresh Blog Posts Straight to your Inbox!