As we ride the momentum of the 2018 RSA conference, hot cyber security topics are still in discussion. The conference is usually more of a full-on sprint than a consistent marathon. With an abundance of information sprouting from new and old cyber security topics, it’s hard to process all the information and place it into useful chunks. CSO Online recently published a great recap article of the conference that we found useful. Here is the recap:

  • “Security functionality is moving toward cloud, application, and IT infrastructure.”
  • “Due to the global cyber security skills shortage, many organizations are defaulting to managed security services and this will only continue.”
  • Machine learning algorithms are the ‘hot juice.’
  • “Platform vendors must convince skeptical infosec pros that they have best-of-breed products and can hold their hands over a 2 to 3-year timeframe as they replace point tools with an integrated architectural solution.”
  • “Vendors move to develop new solutions that report on high-priority risks (i.e. application security, assets, configuration management, vulnerability management, third-party risk management, etc.) across the whole enterprise enchilada.”

With RSA in the recent past, we shouldn’t forget about the importance of continuous learning in this industry. As the conference clearly highlighted, innovation is key to a successful security future. ITSC continues to be an innovative hub where we highlight and investigate important topics. We’ve highlighted a few articles from April that were most loved by our readers.

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Insider Threat Statistics: 2018 Research Reports and SurveysInsider Threat Statistics: 2018 Research Reports and Surveys

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HIPAA Compliance Requirements: An Introductory GuideHIPAA Compliance Requirements: An Introductory Guide

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, known among practitioners as HIPAA, contains more than 100 requirements when it comes to three main categories: security, privacy, and breach notification. An expectation across the board with organizations is to have a comprehensive risk analysis completed regularly, a risk management plan, regular employee training, and implementation of security policies and procedures. READ MORE >>

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