Dubbed “where the world talks about security,” the highly anticipated cyber security conference RSAConference2018 launches in San Francisco April 16-20, 2018.

Thousands of security experts, vendors and managers will gather to discuss current and anticipated issues in the industry. Analysis, discussion and workshops will follow in a week-long conference making RSA an expert advice focal point.

Center your Focus: Learn more about Insider Threats and User-Centric Analytics

With the expanding threat landscape, the industry now offers several different topics of discussion and mitigation methods. We’d like to encourage you to focus on panels highlighting user-centric monitoring and analytics as a proactive strategy to data threat mitigation.

Data threats will always be apparent. The key is developing strategies that stop the threats sooner, rather than later – saving the business money and it’s positive brand image.

With the amount of events that are taking place at RSA this year, it can feel overwhelming. We’ve compiled and listed several speakers and workshops to attend both on hot security topics and insider threat/monitoring insights.

RSA Sessions: Attend these Data/User-Centric Talks

Threat Hunting Strategy: How to Catch Bears and Pandas

This session explores the importance of security teams actively “hunting” for threats that are targeting their organizations. READ MORE >>

Over-the-Horizon Cybersecurity Technologies and Threats

A cohesive overview of anticipated threats in the next three to five years, this session will be lead by AllegisCyber, Cisco and more experts. READ MORE >>

Red Team vs. Blue Team on AWS

An inside look at cloud vendors and security, learn the risks to your sensitive data. READ MORE >>

SecOps: Navigate the New Landscape for Prevention, Detection and Response

An overview of the threat landscape – more advanced threats, new attack vectors and less resources to combat them. Are you ready? READ MORE >>

Building a Data-Driven Security Strategy

This talk will focus on data-driven security strategy from CISOs to engineers. READ MORE >>

Are You Ready for Your Worst Day?

An insider threat might be lurking inside your company. This talk highlights Steven Bay’s very bad day on June 9, 2013, when his missing employee, Edward Snowden, revealed himself to the world. READ MORE >>

Hack Back for Good, Not Vengeance: Debating Active Defense for Enterprises

Panelists will debate active defense methods organizations can use to protect their data without posing a threat to personal or public safety. READ MORE >>

Sending a Human to Do a Machine’s Job: Addressing Threats with Analytics

Explore how organizations can simplify operations, save time and speed time to remediation with predictive behavioral analytics. READ MORE >>

Defeating Insider Threats to Critical Infrastructure

Understand the scale of the insider threat issue and why it exists. READ MORE >>

Evolution of AI Bots for Real-Time Adaptive Security

Learn how machine learning and AI can translate to real-time adaptive security. READ MORE >>

Extending Behavioral Insights into Risk Adaptive Protection and Enforcement

Analytics has become a security buzzword – will data and user analytics be the future of progressive data threat mitigation? READ MORE >>

SANS: Securing The Human: How to Build, Maintain and Measure a High-Impact Awareness Program

Employees are our weakest security link. In the SANS workshop, learn comprehensive and actionable strategies to secure the human element. READ MORE >>

AI and Cybersecurity – Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Security. Understanding and Defending Against Adversarial AI.

Learn how to use AI countermeasures to protect yourself against data threats. READ MORE >>

A Framework to Effectively Develop Insider Threat Controls

CERT Insider Threat Center present a workshop on how best to identify insider threats to critical assets and second as they develop, implement and measure the effectiveness of technical and nontechnical controls and detection capabilities. READ MORE >>

The conference has a wealth of sessions, keynotes and events, and we encourage you to look through all the events for more opportunities to attend. If you’re looking for more insight into 2018 cyber security trends – revisit our 2018 cyber security predictions infographic.

[Learn more about how DLP and user forensics can fight these challenges at RSA in San Francisco. We’ll be at booth #5110.]

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