In order to be secure in today’s turbulent environment, we believe staying current on technology and security trends in key. Approaching data security from a proactive approach is crucial to stay ahead, and one of the key steps is education. We’ve complied our top blog posts from February, so you don’t miss these important tips.

As we look back, our audience – YOU – enjoyed and engaged with several top posts on the blog. We’ve highlighted them here.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Strengthen Cyber SecurityHow Artificial Intelligence Will Strengthen Cyber Security

In simplest terms, artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence by machines and computers. The term has been used since the 1950s, but the technology has made significant leaps in the last decade. It is being used to advance almost every industry imaginable, from healthcare to manufacturing to finance. [READ MORE]

AWS Permission Check Feature Now Free to Help Guard Against BreachesMore Data Was Accessed During Equifax Data Breach

The past week brought news that more personal information than previously documented was exposed in the Equifax data breach. While this information may not pose additional risk for the consumer, the news – coupled with a report that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has halted its investigation into Equifax and a scathing list of findings from Senator Elizabeth Warren – keeps the corporation in the bad-news headlines. [READ MORE]


The Most Dangerous Cyber Risk: Insider ThreatsThe Most Dangerous Cyber Risk: Insider Threats
2017 was full of the most largest and damaging cyber attacks in history. Equifax, Fedex, HBO, and many other large organizations got attacked. One of the common threads in many of the incidents from the past year was that in nearly all of them, an insider was the cause. Insider, in security jargon, refers to anyone who has privileged access to sensitive data inside your organization. Insiders your employees, managers, administrators, vendors, and executives. Everyone in your organization carries a degree of risk with them, some insiders more than others. [READ MORE]

2FA and Passwords: What You Need to Know2FA and Passwords: What You Need to Know

In the first part of our series, A Guide to Protecting and Monitoring Your Personal Cyber Security, we review the latest thinking and guidelines around using two-factor authentication (2FA) and passwords to protect your online identity. [READ MORE]


Taking a People-Centric Approach to Battle Data BreachesTaking a People-Centric Approach to Battle Data Breaches
It’s no secret why the healthcare industry is such a prime target for security attacks: patient personal and health information are valuable data. [READ MORE]



Why Do Employers Monitor Workers? Reasons, Benefits, and StatisticsWhy Do Employers Monitor Workers? Reasons, Benefits, and Statistics

The employee monitoring software industry is poised for big growth: more than doubling from about $200 million today to $500 million in the next four years. Let’s take a look at some of the trends driving this growth and the reasons why organizations are turning to employee monitoring. [READ MORE]