As a for-profit entity, you’re doing your best to maximize yearly profit. And much of that profit relies on the productiveness of your employees.

With employees at the focal point of your success, it’s important for them to be as productive as possible. However, when the statistics show that “about 65% percent of employees reported that they use the internet during the workday for non-work purposes.” All in all, using the internet for non-work purposes is unproductive, and when employees engage in this activity, productivity slips and then can lead to a decrease in profit.

If we’ve caught your attention, it’s time to look at strategies to increase your employee’s productivity in 2018. We reached out to experts in the field to answer the question:

What are ways managers can increase employee productivity in 2018?

Meet our Panel of Cyber Security Experts:

Isaac KohenHumberto Farias
Edwin Khodabakchian
Tim Lynch
Phil Tee
Scott Amyx
Rob Hill
Carson Sweet
Stefano Bellasio

Isaac Kohen

Cyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts Speak

Isaac Kohen is the founder and CEO of Teramind, an employee monitoring and insider threat prevention platform that detects, records, and prevents, malicious user behavior.

Increase employee productivity in 2018:

Employee productivity is at the center of the agenda for many this year. My suggestion is to approach employee productivity from a data-driven and analysis perspective. A productivity analysis feature – like in Teramind – streamlines employee data collection in order to identify trends in employee productivity and monitor employee efficiency. By analyzing user activity, user analytics goes beyond just traditional security, but can address employee and team performance. Active vs. idle time analysis, application usage tracking, and template-based scheduling deliver productivity data and give leaders insight to high-performing parts of the organization, workflow impediments, and needed shifts in resource planning.


Cyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts SpeakEdwin Khodabakchian is the CEO and co-founder of Feedly. Feedly is a smart reader that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to help IT, research, marketing and sales teams stay ahead of the curve by tapping into content they need to accelerate their businesses.

Increase employee productivity in 2018:

For cyber security experts, the bad news is that threats these days have many faces. The good news is that artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and advanced algorithms can be a business’ first line of defense. From lone wolves who commit crimes of opportunity to hacktivists and botnets, IT security pros have their work cut out for them. Advanced technology, in the form of AI, can increase the effectiveness and productivity of both small scrappy IT squads and global corporations. Before AI came onto the scene, business decision might have to spend hours or even days sifting through tons of news outlets and niche blogs just to find just one nugget of useful content that could help keep their company safe from sophisticated bad guys. Cyber security experts who harness AI solutions are able to alert and inform their teams about potential malicious threats before they occur.


Cyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts SpeakPsychsoftpc makes high performance Virtual Reality ready Gaming Computers, GPU Tesla Personal Supercomputers, Turn Key GPU Tesla Supercomputer Clusters for Big Data & Research & AI, Virtual Reality ready Professional Workstations and turn key Big Data Hadoop Clusters in Quincy, MA.

Increase employee productivity in 2018:

Faster processors and graphics cards means faster renders, image edits and calculations which increases productivity. We are now at the point where we can have the equivalent of a supercomputer at our desks. With Intel Core X CPUs with up to 18 Cores and 36 Threads and NVidia GTX 1080TI with 3,584 Cuda Cores, these can be used for rendering and processing our machines faster than ever. With faster machines, employees spend less time waiting for job completion and more real time processing which results in higher productivity.


Cyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts SpeakPhil Tee’s passion has been IT operational management ever since he co-founded OTT (better known as Micromuse). Having also invented Netcool and built RiverSoft to a successful IPO, Phil now leads the next big revolution in IT event management with Moogsoft, where he maintains a passionate commitment to innovation, including personally leading the company’s numerous product functions.

Increase employee productivity in 2018:

Modern IT environments are incredibly (and increasingly) complex and ever-changing, leading to large amounts of time and resources devoted to monitoring, troubleshooting and course correcting. It’s a reactive position for most companies, but when teams use AIOps technology they can leverage change-tolerant algorithms and access indexed information. This allows them to spend more time focused on proactive, meaningful work rather than fixing the same problems repeatedly or spending time managing rules and filters.


Cyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts SpeakScott Amyx is the author of Strive: How Doing the Things Most Uncomfortable Leads to Success, which has been endorsed by Tony Robbins, Forbes, Singularity University, Tribeca Film Festival and other influencers. He is a global thought leader and venture capitalist who has appeared on TV, TIME, Forbes, NYT, TechCrunch, CIO, Washington Post, Wired, Forrester, G20 report and other major media.

Increase employee productivity in 2018:

In the enterprise space, it’s all about productivity driven by robotic process automation (RPA), AI, IoT and robotic automation. From back-office to manufacturing floors, these exponential technologies are increasing uptime, output, lower errors and lower OpEx. Under the umbrella of digital transformation, businesses are embracing these technologies with a healthy IT appetite. Moreover, open source projects from Hyperledger, IoTA to others are accelerating industry-wide adoption.


Cyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts SpeakRob Hill is Chief Revenue Officer at AI-expertise finder ProFinda where he leads on the global growth strategy. He has a passion for helping businesses understand and deploy innovative HR and talent technology. Before joining ProFinda, Rob led a team of digital transformation experts at SAP where he helped FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies achieve their innovation and transformation goals.

Increase employee productivity in 2018:

When thinking about technology that facilitates employee productivity, people often bring up tools like Yammer and Slack. In other words, messaging platforms that are supposed to ‘kill’ email. Getting rid of email and removing some of the strain from our overburdened inboxes is a part of the puzzle… but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is the complete solution.

Instant messaging tools are ultimately just replacements for email or face-to-face communication. If used incorrectly, these tools will have the same impact on employee productivity that email does. It’s all well and good being able to message people in an instant, but what if you don’t know who to contact in the first place?

The technology that you really need to drastically improve productivity is one that cuts out the middleman and stops people from having to manually search for people across their organization to help. Countless hours are wasted by people trying to find the right colleagues to speak to for a project, bid, or mentorship. There is a need for a birds-eye view of an entire business’ talent pool – including contractors and alumni. Once you have this instant knowledge of who works with you and what they are good at, then tools like Yammer really work well and employee productivity will increase exponentially.


Cyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts SpeakCarson Sweet is the chairman and chief technology officer of CloudPassage. His information security career has spanned nearly two decades and includes a broad range of entrepreneurial, management and hands-on technology experience.

Increase employee productivity in 2018:

Security over productivity – Employees have reported being willing to cut corners on security in order to improve their productivity. While the sentiment comes from a good place, creating a culture that only applauds efficiency above all, leaves far too much room for risk. Therefore, security technology should be something every business looks to incorporate. In the long run, employees won’t have to go back to the drawing board because an application was hacked or flawed in some way due to lack of proper security measures.


Cyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts SpeakStefano Bellasio is the founder and CEO of Cloud Academy Inc. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, education and product development, and is now reimagining the intersection of e-learning, cloud skills and technology at Cloud Academy.

Increase employee productivity in 2018:

Bellasio believes that incorporating automation technology can take mundane tasks off the plate of employees and allow them to focus on tasks that will drive the business forward. For example, unfortunately, IT professionals don’t get praise for “keeping the lights on” because everyone assumes that’s part of their job. On the flip side, they do get flack when something stops working, like email or business applications. Implementing automation technology can free up an IT professional to focus on mission-critical objectives or strategic initiatives like new programs or development of new applications. Not only are employees doing more than just “keeping the lights on”, they can feel more fulfilled in their jobs, which can help with retention. Bottom line, automation technology can impact a business’s bottom line in more ways than one.


Cyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts SpeakHumberto Farias is a seasoned technology professional with over 18 years of experience guiding companies around the world through the custom software development process. Humberto has worked across more than 10 industries and 3 continents, including work with Fortune 500 companies such as Walt Disney World and GE. As CEO of Concepta, his team  provides tailored web and mobile applications to small-to-medium enterprises.

Increase employee productivity in 2018:

Automation, accomplished through artificial intelligence, is making an impact on employee productivity across departments in a company. In general, AI can automate faster and more accurately on tasks a typical human is decently quick on; tasks requiring less than one-second of thought even. This includes tasks like: sorting an incoming business lead into the proper category, deciding if a forum comment violates community guidelines,  or identifying a strange behavior or pattern (such as suspicious purchase activity). By reducing time spent on necessary but tedious tasks, automation increases employee satisfaction and, by extension, retention.

Consumers now prefer to conduct business online, so automated natural language-based interfaces – called “Intelligent Assistants” – are fast becoming the standard in all-hours customer care. IAs can handle most basic online services a customer might need. They suggest products based on current and past activity, help customers navigate a quote process, schedule appointments, or even detect whether a customer’s problem can more easily be solved by a human representative and transfer the chat. Don’t miss a blog post. Sign up for the e-newsletter.