Threats to our data security continue to multiply and, as a leader of your organization, it’s time to take a step back and think of your security tactics for 2018. It’s been said that breaches will become more common and frequent. Companies will continue to struggle for the best ways to protect company and customer data.

A new year calls for the chance to revise the game plan and progress in the arena of data security. To get ahead, we propose for companies to work on adopting a proactive mindset to cyber security. In the past, companies have relied on traditional ways of data protection, including firewalls. These legacy systems are still important as long as they’re continuously updated, but we think of these types of protections as basic and mandatory protection. These types of systems have a reactive approach to data security, meaning actions are taken to fix the problem once it has already occurred.

With the projected increased sophistication to the threat landscape in 2018, we suggest that companies adopt a proactive mindset. A proactive mindset to data and cyber security is simple. It’s the ability to take the company as a whole and identify threats to the security infrastructure faster and more efficiently. How does this happen? This is done through active prevention and data analytics. It involves incorporating your entire organization — all employees — to be your top defenders against potential security threats. Furthermore, advancements in technology have allowed us to use data to make quicker and more accurate decisions regarding security. Data and user behavior analytics are a progressive approach and fall into this category of proactive prevention.

Let’s look at a few tactics that your company can incorporate into its 2018 cyber security plan. Continue reading on