It’s almost the end of the year. At IT Security Central, we’re in celebration mode, because 2017 was a major milestone in the creation of this blog. In six short months, we’ve grown to become a mighty force in the data security and insider threats arena. With over 50,000 page views and 300 published posts, we’ve pushed to extend the pre-existing boundaries of conversation around insider threats and active data loss prevention.

As we look back, our audience – YOU – enjoyed and engaged with several top posts on the blog. We’ve highlighted them here.

Cyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts SpeakCyber Security Predictions for 2018: The Top Experts Speak
Cyber security is an escalating topic that’s receiving a large amount of attention. This is a broad subject. Most commonly, cyber security is mentioned when talking about the latest malware attack, phishing email, social media hack or cloud-based services. As technology improves, new vulnerabilities are discovered and new obstacles challenge security professionals. [READ MORE]


3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked, But Don't Delete Your Email Yet!3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked, But Don’t Delete Your Email Yet!
You may or may not remember but in August of 2013 Yahoo suffered a major data breach which was only made public knowledge in December of 2016. At the time when the breach was reported it was only said to have impacted 1 billion accounts. In a latest revelation by now parent company, Verizon, that Yahoo actually failed to protect all 3 billion email accounts under their watch. This breach is one of the most significant to happen although it doesn’t come close to the Equifax data breach in types of data stolen. It’s not the number of accounts that makes this breach significant, but rather that Yahoo email accounts were introductory email accounts held by almost anyone online today. [READ MORE]

Data Breach at UC Health and Healthcare's Ongoing StruggleData Breach at UC Health and Healthcare’s Ongoing Struggle
In Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), the Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care of the UC Health system has reported unauthorized access to patient medical records for the past two years by an employee. The data breach was only discovered in June and has impacted an estimated 4,721 patients. They will have a year of complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft protection services from Experian. [READ MORE]


The Decline of the Rogue Employee: Utilizing Behavioral TrendsThe Decline of the Rogue Employee: Utilizing Behavioral Trends
When we hire employees, we never expect them to go rogue. A rogue employee is a worker that undermines their employer by not complying with company rules and policies. Ultimately, these employees don’t play by the rules, and they hurt the company in some way either through data or financial loss.  [READ MORE]



Top Trends in Information Security for 2017 and 2018Information Security Trends for 2017 and 2018
The computer security world is constantly changing. Everywhere you look, you can see trending new headlines and statements about the latest data breach at HBO, or a respectable healthcare facility losing 100,000s of patient data records. You blink your eyes and the FBI is now involved in a breach investigation, and world leaders are passing policies on data security protection. The reality is criminals are getting ahead of industry leaders at the security game. These are harsh realities that business, IT and security professionals have to work through on a daily basis. [READ MORE]

What Computer Security Experts Wish You Knew: The Top Experts SpeakWhat Computer Security Experts Wish You Knew: The Top Experts Speak
When it comes to keeping our information secure, many of us seem to be at a loss. With technology rapidly changing like it does, it’s difficult to stay aware of the latest trends and the latest malware attack. Remember to update those systems. To help, we’ve reached out to top computer security experts in the field to share their view. We asked them to share two important computer security tips that they wish the general public knew. [READ MORE]