An overwhelming number of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks – but you might be surprised at the top three risk factors enabling this vulnerability.

Crowd Research Partners released their annual Insider Threat Report, which is the most comprehensive survey on the topic of insider threats. The survey is comprised of 472 cyber security professionals, the majority (87%) being in leadership roles. The report is rich with data so let’s explore what has been identified. While this article provides an overview, it’s worth it to see the report for yourself to understand the context behind the final product.

The key findings of the survey were that an overwhelming 90% of organizations felt vulnerable to insider attacks. The top three risk factors enabling the insider threat vulnerability are excessive access privileges (37%), endpoint access (36%), and information technology complexity (35%). Of the 472 professionals interviewed, 53% confirmed that an insider attack had happened at their organization in the last year.

DOWNLOAD HERE : 2018 Crowd Research Partners ‘Insider Threat Report’: hopes and fears revealed

2018 Crowd Research Partners 'Insider Threat Report': hopes and fears revealed

The survey had some interesting results about who companies consider the riskiest insiders. Surprisingly there was almost an even split in every question asked. >> Continue reading on CSO.