The year 2017 is ending as a record year for data breaches. From the Equifax data breach to the Uber data scandal, there’s plenty of reading material on cyber and data security to keep you occupied. The year is ending, but it’s time to look to the new year. This forward-looking approach has lead us to develop a list of upcoming 2018 cyber security predictions. These predictions give you insight in how best to prepare for the future in security.

  1. Ransomware on the Rise
  2. IoT (Internet of Things) Connectivity
  3. Vendors on Your Mind
  4. Negligent Employees Remain Negligent
  5. Protection to Prevention: a New Approach to Security

Review our infographic below for an in-depth look into these key 2018 cyber security predictions.

2018 Cyber Security Predictions [Infographic]

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