That’s a wrap! The Data Natives Berlin conference ends leaving behind new questions to be answered and continuing discussion. From Blockchain to GDPR, the conference covered relevant topics related to what’s happening in the world of data. Read highlights from Day 1 in this blog post.

Day 2 opened with an assortment of topics that were interesting and relatable to our mission at IT Security Central. In this post, we’re going to highlight the top points from conversations we thought were most interesting and engaging.

Kx: From Wall Street to IoT

This session was particularly interesting, because it was an “eye opener” for today’s data security and stock market. In a world where everyday functionality of a society can be affected by fluctuations in the stock market, you might wish to stop and think about how malware and cyber attacks can impact that structure. The speaker discussed how one fault algorithm caused the entire stock market to drop in seconds, that’s seconds. This industry is dependent on making quick decisions and more bids to maximize performance, and this can involve as many as 1,000 trades per second. That’s a lot of data to process, collect and protect.

“Very soon we’ll be drowning in data.”

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Big Data, Crystal Balls and Looking Glasses: Reviewing 2017, Predicting 2018

A great and informative talk by George Anadiotis at Linked Data Orchestration and ZDNet. He dived straight into hot and trending topics for upcoming 2018, and many of them might surprise you or not. Here they are:

  • Streaming Becomes Mainstream: Data will become proceeded faster and in ‘real-time’, and the reason is due to advancements in IoT and businesses pushing the edge.
  • Hybrid Transactional Analytical Process: Processes will use analytics more agilly leading to quicker performance and reliable analysis.
  • Moving Up the Analytics Stack: There will be an industry shift from foresights analytics to predictive analytics. These analytics will optimize, use data efficiently and lead to developing advancements in machine learning. Uber and are examples of companies already adopting this approach.
  • Machine Learning Feedback Loop: The approach to all processes will move towards being data driven. Programs will continuously analyze data and give continuous feedback information.

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PANEL: WTF if GovTech and What the Future Holds?

An outstanding and insightful talk into a subject that often gets overlooked. George Johnston, Founder of Nitrous and Tech City Ventures, Lisa Witter, Founder and CEO of Apolitical and Videesha Kunkulagunta, Partner at a fund/VC had insight analysis and knowledge of this overlooked sector. These are the topic highlights:

“Solve a real problem, and the people will come to you.”

  • Over the topics of developing trends in the market, panelist emphasized the potential of the GovTech market and it’s anticipated growth. This is a huge opportunity for B2B and cyber security companies.
  • Strong developments in technology has led the government to interact quicker and more thoroughly through technology.
  • Urbanization, moving markets and decentralized organisms are predictable trends that will “hit” the GovTech sector.

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Data Natives was a well informed and insight conference. If you joined the conference, we hope to hear your insight and thoughts at our Twitter page.