When it comes to data breaches, the federal government continues to fall short of respectable data security safety. And when we say “fall short,” we mean very, very short. According to a 2017 Thales Data Threat Report Federal Edition, 34 percent of federal government respondents surveyed experienced a data breach in the last year. The likelihood of a data breach is high, but when it comes to active prevention, many government agencies are at a standstill. Much of this can be attributed to a lack of preventative systems that can detect insider threats.

One of the biggest challenges for securing funding for data protection in the federal government is the government itself. Like many things in government, budgets are shaped by enforced regulations and those regulations might not be in line with the latest prevention technology and programs. Innovation is key to staying ahead of cyber security incidents and problems, but to remain innovative cyber security professionals and experts need continued verbal support and monetary support from the top.

The main objective is for agencies to move from reacting to insider threats to preventing them, and these tools can help secure important data… Continue Reading on Nextgov.com.