October ends with a fantastic month dedicated to building awareness on data security, security skills shortage, security at home and in the workplace and more. Our content aligned with Cyber Security Awareness Month, and we added to the conversation and topics put forward by NCSAM. If you missed these posts from October, we have you covered in this post. Read these top trending articles at IT Security Central from October.

3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked, But Don't Delete Your Email Yet!3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked, But Don’t Delete Your Email Yet!

You may or may not remember but in August of 2013 Yahoo suffered a major data breach which was only made public knowledge in December of 2016. At the time when the breach was reported it was only said to have impacted 1 billion accounts. In a latest revelation by now parent company, Verizon, that Yahoo actually failed to protect all 3 billion email accounts under their watch. [READ MORE]


Fresh Ransomware Outbreak! Welcome 'Bad Rabbit'Bad Rabbit Ransomware Outbreak! The Latest Malware Threat

The Department of Homeland Security released an alert late Tuesday evening about reports of a new ransomware spreading across several countries called Bad Rabbit. As usual with ransomware, Bad Rabbit encrypts all files on a device and locks the user out of the device until their ransom is paid. The Department of Homeland Security is warning against paying the ransom; however, the timer may cause impulsive payments to be made. [READ MORE]


Inside the Molina Healthcare Data Breach: Cause & SolutionsInside the Molina Healthcare Data Breach: Cause & Solutions

Data breaches are becoming common news. The harsh reality has left many scrambling for authentic security solutions, and scratching their head as to what to do better in the future. Luckily, education and research is fueling the industry that hopefully will have a long lasting positive influence. Here, we want to look at a past healthcare data breach that affected millions of customers. The vulnerabilities was in the website URL, but these are a few tips that you can take in consideration to protect your own business. [READ MORE]


Top Job Habits Every Cyber Security Expert Should Adopt: The Top Experts SpeakTop Job Habits Every Cyber Security Expert Should Adopt: The Top Experts Speak

When it comes to data security, we’re collectively in the mission of keeping information secure. However with the recent Equifax, Yahoo and Disqus data breaches, the role of the cyber security expert is coming into the news. Reports emphasis the need for cyber security professionals in the field, and the lack of individuals currently to fill the job. We’re not here to criticize then, rather we want to help in every way possible to insure their role blooms. [READ MORE]


Insider Threats, 2018 Security Concerns, GDPR: An Interview with Troy HuntInsider Threats, 2018 Security Concerns, GDPR: An Interview with Troy Hunt

In today’s world, data protection is a high concern for many businesses big and small. As part of Cyber Security Awareness Month, I had the privilege of sitting down with Troy Hunt, world-renowned internet security specialist and creator of the famous website, “Have I been pwned?”. His knowledge and expertise have taken him around the world as an international speaker on web security. [READ MORE]


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