Insider Threat Predictions and Trends: MaaS and the Darknet [Infographic]

The insider threat continues to be a major threat to business data security. Many businesses look at malicious threats to data security as activities coming from outside the organization, which leads many to disregard the possibility of the insider threat all together. These are a couple statistics that help support its importance:

  • 62% of business users report they have access to company data that they probably shouldn’t see, according to the Ponemon Institute.
  • 55% of cyber attacks were carried out by insiders in 2016, according to IBM.
  • According to IBM, 31.5% of 2014 cyber security incidents were acted by malicious insiders.

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We have you convinced. The below infographic features 2018 predictions on the topic of insider threats. Don’t let the insider threat be devastating to your business’s data security in 2018.


Insider Threat Predictions and Trends: MaaS and the Darknet [Infographic]

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Joshua Morales

Joshua Morales

Joshua Morales is a San Juan based writer who enjoys producing cyber-security insights for business leaders around the globe.
He can also be found writing about sustainability, capital markets, and open-source software. Joshua can be contacted at

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