Online employee monitoring solutions such as Teramind can help you do important things like listen for insider threats and confirm hours worked for remote employees. But this type of software can also give you unique insights into business operations that can have a dramatic impact on your operating costs and team performance.

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In this post, we’ll highlight 3 important insights you can learn from your online monitoring program.

Where’s My Shelfware?

A recent report found that 93% of surveyed organizations are wasting money on unused or underused application software, otherwise known as “shelfware.” Furthermore, estimates indicate that shelfware costs every organization in the United States approximately $155 per user per year.  The wasted money comes from time spent supporting underused software, ongoing maintenance costs for the shelfware, and costs related to inventory and asset allocation.

Organizations may have a good handle on initial installation and can report on who-has-what-program-installed. But the key to getting a handle on shelfware is to begin tracking application use. Teramind allows you to:

  • Use whitelists to monitor applications you suspect of being underused or unused
  • Log actions within an application via both visual recording and text logs
  • Document time spent within an application

Underused software highlights a potential opportunity for a renewed focus on user adoption. Maybe your team needs additional training and guidance on how to best leverage the asset – and ensure the organization gets the promised ROI from the investment. When you identify unused software in your organization, you have a prime opportunity to consider retirement – and put some extra dollars toward your bottom line.

When Are My Teams’ Best Hours?

Online monitoring software provides a unique opportunity to look at the overall performance of teams and make recommendations based on performance. For example, if the data from monitoring software shows that peak productivity for a team is typically in the morning hours, maybe team management should defer meetings and higher-level strategizing to the afternoon.

In addition, consistently high production from a team might signal an opportunity to delve into the management practices and style of team leadership. What could you learn – and share with other parts of the organization – about how he or she manages and motivates?

On the opposite side, if there is a consistent trend toward lower performance of a team, what additional resources could you provide to this team’s manager to boost performance?

From a productivity perspective, Teramind provides the following capabilities:

  • Create customized productivity indicators to ensure the right activity information is being captured
  • Customize lists of websites, activities, applications that fit into both productive and nonproductive categories
  • Compare total work time to tasks completed and application usage to provide insightful productivity data
  • Conduct minute-by-minute activity monitoring to determine peaks and valleys in production

Where are the Workarounds?

Employees may resort to using workarounds to get the job done. Examples of workarounds can be reluctance to using newly-installed software and reverting to old software, the use of shadow IT, and finding alternate (and often laborious) ways of completing tasks because of poorly designed or poorly trained software.

Via online monitoring software you can:

  • Use whitelists to monitor use of retired applications
  • Determine how long specific tasks take when actively being worked on and find out what obstacles are causing decreased productivity and excessive idle time
  • Monitor application usage across an organization to determine the existence of unapproved or unlicensed software

Application licensing and team productivity can have a big impact on your bottom line. Online monitoring provides unique and creative ways to deliver results in these areas. Click below to learn more about Teramind.

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