How to Calculate Your Return on Security Investments

While there certainly are ways to detail the ROI of security, there’s still a lot of miscalculation that happens when it comes to the true cost of a security incident.

You’ve likely made the security pitch several times to management or the executive suite, and each time they directed investment dollars elsewhere. The CFO may have been the most resistant and ask “what’s the ROI?” which is a simple question but often tough to answer even for standard investments like product development. When it comes to security this can be an extremely daunting question that causes some reasonable frustration. There are ways, however, you can calculate the Security Return on Investment for review by finance and the executive team. It should be noted that while the method presented here is straightforward, there is a common behavior of miscalculation that happens in regards to cost of an incident.  Read the full article at CSO Online.


Isaac Kohen

Isaac Kohen

Isaac Kohen started out in quantitative finance by programming trading algorithms at a major hedge fund. His time spent in the financial world and exposure to highly sensitive information triggered his curiosity for IT security. He worked as an IT security consultant for several years where he spearheaded efforts to secure the IT infrastructure of companies with masses of confidential data. When Isaac first entered the industry, IT norms were to prohibit and lock out as many people as possible to protect data. He found that this was a very ineffective way of solving the issue because it made it hard for many people who wanted to cause no harm, to do their jobs. He decided to focus on algorithms targeting user behavior to find outliers within the companies he consulted with to help detect insider threats.

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