Insider threats continue to be an organization’s number one weakness. This is because an insider is able to bypass any firewalls, detection systems, or access gates. Most breaches that are the result of insiders happen from negligent employees or managers. Malicious insider incidents are fewer but often cause far more damage. How much damage can one employee do to an organization? The answer is dependent on access, information quality, and intent. Everyone who works with or in an organization is an insider.

Insider Threat Awareness
Awareness of insider threat can be hard to develop, mainly because the behaviors of an insider threat actor overlap with the behaviors of an ambitious employee. However there is one factor that can help define the difference, and that is an understanding of intent. Malicious insiders who seek to steal, spy, or sabotage the organization almost always leave trails or provide hints of their intentions. Meanwhile, negligent insider threats can usually be deterred with internal policies and security measures. This is why it is best to establish insider threat awareness programs. These programs exist create an environment and culture of security awareness. Read the article at IT Briefcase.