September ends with a month full of new enriching content from experts in the cyber security field, leading news like the Equifax data breach and more. The blog continues its purpose to be an informative community curating leading industry articles on information security. We believe building awareness of insider threats, important changes in the industry, cyber attacks and data breach news is another defensive shield against malicious activity. Read these top trending articles at IT Security Central from September.

What Computer Security Experts Wish You Knew: The Top Experts SpeakWhat Computer Security Experts Wish You Knew: The Top Experts Speak

When it comes to keeping our information secure, many of us seem to be at a loss. With technology rapidly changing like it does, it’s difficult to stay aware of the latest trends and the latest malware attack. Remember to update those systems. To help, we’ve reached out to top computer security experts in the field to share their view. We asked them to share two important computer security tips that they wish the general public knew. [READ MORE]


8 Internet of Things Figures Everyone Should Know [Infographic]

Imagine this. In the near future, we could possibly live in a world where everything is connected together by the internet. Reality check, it’s already happening, and it’s called the Internet of Things (IoT). This terms refers to devices or objects connected to the internet, and transmitting data through the internet. Does it sound like a science fiction movie? Well, it’s not, and these connections are already happening in today’s world. Take a look at the infographic below to know 8 important figures about IoT. [READ MORE]


4 Different Types of Insider Attacks [Infographic]

The insider threat poses a serious security threat to companies. Traditionally, businesses have built defenses against malicious activity from the outside and inwards towards the business infrastructure. It’s the threat that they never suspected, because this security threat is coming from their own employees. And the reality, business are very unprepared for this threat. A study by Mimecast revealed, 45% of IT executives say malicious insider attacks is one of the risks that they’re most unprepared for. This is concerning. [READ MORE]


Between DarkNet and Sabotage: Inside Look at the DarkNetBetween DarkNet and Sabotage: Inside Look at the DarkNet

Darknet markets are hidden websites that cannot be accessed using regular or normal browses or search engines as they don’t actually have a DNS name. Instead, most darknet markets have a.onion TLD suffix which “states that it’s a hidden service and can only be reachable by the TOR network.” [READ MORE]



Important Takeaways From the WannaCry and NotPetya Cyber Attacks: The Top Experts SpeakImportant Takeaways From the WannaCry and NotPetya Cyber Attacks: The Top Experts Speak

On June 27th, the ransomware attack called NotPetya affected more than 12,500 computers and reached over 64 countries according to Microsoft. The ransomware attack WannaCry had a similar impact on data security, and is still being debated by security experts today. What can we learn from all of this? [READ MORE]



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