Have you ever known exactly what you needed but just couldn’t afford it? Perhaps even your systems were not up to standard for the solution you wanted. These are a few of the many barriers that small business owners face when trying to manage cyber security. Sometimes, it’s simple things like firewalls other times it’s more complex solutions such as user behavior analytics. If you’re a small business or even medium business, quality cyber security solutions can seem far out of reach. Thankfully, there are a few tools that organizations can use today to enhance their security. Most of these have been developed with the understanding that SMEs have tight budgets. The more secure the whole business community is, the better protected others are against cyber attacks.

Small Biz Cyber Planner

The Federal Communications Commision (FCC) developed and released a tool crafted for small business that generates customized cyber security plans for small businesses. This tool came paired with a cyber security tip sheet. The Cyber Planner requests minimal details: company name, city, state, and focus topics. Upon inputting all requested information, your cyber security plan will be generated. These plans are highly recommended by cyber security experts since they provide procedures and processes that cover insider threats, incident response, network security, and many more. Best of all, the tool is free!

CERT For Managers

Carnegie Mellon’s CERT division has certainly done a lot to advance knowledge about insider threats. They’ve compiled a list of resources they have produced over the years in order to help prevent insider security incidents. Some of these resources includes guides and best practices for controls and indicators. Additionally, they provide in-depth case analysis and an ongoing series of white papers, presentations, videos, and blog posts that provide the latest updates on growing insider threats. It’s important to note that insider threats that cause security incidents are one of the top reasons why networks become infected. With the rise of ransomware, you really don’t want your network held ransom because someone opened the wrong email.

Kaspersky Lab’s Free Antivirus

Kaspersky, one of the leading external threat security providers has now released a free version of their anti-virus solution. Kaspersky’s product is one of the most adopted and reliable antivirus solutions on the market. Despite this, Kaspersky has recognized the need for better security across the board in order to effectively defend against external threats. So they made their core product free to help achieve this.

Insider Threat Detection

The last thing you want as a small business is for your efforts and intellectual property. Above you’re provided with a business plan generator, an insider threat guide for managers, and free antivirus. With these alone you can have some reasonable cyber security, however as with anything in business you want to automate as much as possible. The most important thing to automate is insider threat detection. Thankfully, there’s technology for that, which analyzes your log data to establish a baseline behavior for users and is able to detect anomalies in their behaviors on your network. If for example a user is accessing a specific folder too much, you will be notified of the incident as can decide to take action. Another thing that can happen with solutions such as Teramind is the ability to automate corrective action. In this case if the user is accessing the file too much then they can be automatically logged out and locked out of their account until further notice. This technology provides assistance to managers rather than just blindly taking over the responsibility of detection.

For a small business owner these solutions above will provide a decent start for your cyber security efforts. If you would like more information be sure to subscribe below, IT Security Central provides some of the most up to date tips and analysis on current cyber security developments.