You’ve been doing an excellent job so far getting your business off the ground and managing it. Seems like there is always something new that must be kept up with. In this case we’re talking about cyber security, specifically insider threats. Numerous experts and reports all indicate that insider threats still remain a top cyber security challenge, year over year. This means even if you have the best security suite protecting you from outside attackers, someone inside your company can be your greatest threat; including yourself! When it comes to insider threat no one poses a greater threat to the company than unaware or uncommitted owners.

Insider Threat Awareness & Best Practices

First let’s dispel the popular myth that hackers only go after larger targets and that small businesses are not relevant. This is false. When it comes to data, hackers do not discriminate. What’s important to these thieves is not the size of the business but the data it holds. While you may have even purchased a security suite, technology alone is not a solution to insider threat; as phishing incidents often demonstrate. The act of phishing which is simply tricking people into providing sensitive information with deceptive tactics, can bypass all security measures to keep insiders out. Having an up-to- date awareness about insider threats can do a lot to prevent these situations. Below are some of the cost-effective practices that you as a small business owner can implement. >> Continue reading on Small Biz Daily.