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Evolution of PhishingOld Tricks, New Face: Evolution of Phishing

Phishing is simply tricking people into providing sensitive information with deceptive tactics. The criminals who practice it have the common motives: money, leverage, or power. Most organizations have robust technological defenses and have trained their employees in some manner to recognize phishing attempts. This post features a complete phishing history from past to present. [READ MORE]


The Victim Click: The Psychology Behind Making Employees ClickThe Victim Click: The Psychology Behind Making Employees Click

We fall for them often. The crafty workings of phishing emails continue to find its way into companies through employees. Everyone – tiny, small and large companies – continue to fall victim to their strategic workings. And in the heart of their plan lies a psychology-based approach to making employees click on that link. This post features common psychological  loopholes that criminals try to exploit. [READ MORE]


This is What You Need To Know About Google’s New Phishing CampaignThis is What You Need To Know About Google’s New Phishing Campaign

It’s a hot topic in the InfoSec industry, and Google is currently swimming through dangerous waters in relation to this topic. Since the beginning of 2017, Google has been regularly targeted by a sophisticated series of phishing attacks. These attacks are using emails from a known contact, that had been previously compromised, to gain access to login information. [READ MORE]


Top 20 Infosec Influencers On TwitterTop 20 Infosec Influencers On Twitter

This post features leading Twitter influencers that are actively creating commentary on this growing field. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 influencers in this information security twitter post. [READ MORE]



Employee Bypass! How Insiders are Getting Around Security ProtocolsEmployee Bypass! How Insiders are Getting Around Security Protocols

Insiders are actively bypassing enterprise grade security protocols. This means more internal-driven exposure to data breaches, also known as insider threats. Learn key behavioral traits to watch for and ending with tips for prevention. [READ MORE]



Dummies Guide to Insider ThreatsDummies Guide to Insider Threats

Stopping malicious insider threats can be a complex problem, but it can be done. Using a layered defense strategy including policies, protocol, technical controls and a response team, insider threats can be detected before the organisation’s reputation is hung out to dry. This article provides a brief overview of the insider threat. [READ MORE]



Cyber Shield: A New Hope?Cyber Shield: A New Hope?

We talk a lot about the importance of information security but let’s be honest it is not the most accessible topic for even experts at times. Day after day we find out new information which can be very overwhelming. So what would it look like to have a standardized system for understanding what makes something secure? Such a proposal might be able to help consumers and suppliers make better choices in purchasing and product development. Well we may have a new hope in the Cyber Shield proposal by Senator Edward Markey (D) of Massachusetts. This article highlights leading research. [READ MORE]


The Decline of the Rogue Employee: Utilizing Behavioral TrendsThe Decline of the Rogue Employee: Utilizing Behavioral Trends

We don’t expect our admired and trusted employees to resort to malicious activity that hurts the company. But the fact of the matter, employees do go rogue. Not many, but the few that do are usually unexpected and catch upper management by surprise. In many ways, employees and management is oblivious to the fact that an employee can go rogue, and they miss many of the impending signs that would help them prevent the activity. This article highlights key behavioral traits that management and fellow employees can look for. [READ MORE]


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