Who do we turn to when we need answers for the hard questions of life? The toughest ones of course are about information security and keeping our organizations safe. We have compiled a list of the top 20 influences in the information security space. Prepare to continuously be up to date!


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Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai @lorenzofb

Bio: I write about hackers, information (cyber) security and digital rights @Motherboard. Past @Mashable, @Wired Danger Room. Open DM | 📬 lorenzo@motherboard.tv

Dr. Anton Chuvakin @anton_chuvakin

Bio: Informail security #InfoSec – #SIEM / logs, security analytics, #DFIR, #EDR, threat intel … now VP & Distinguished Analyst at @Gartner_Inc

Lenny Zeltser @lennyzeltser

Bio: Advances information security. Grows tech businesses. Fights malware. // VP of Products @MinervaLabs. Author and Instructor @SANSInstitute.

Javvad Malik @j4vv4d

Bio: The unholy alliance between information security and cynicism wrapped up in storytelling and youtube. http://youtube.com/infoseccynic

Jack Daniel @jack_daniel

Bio: BS Artiste Extraordinaire, Blogger, Security BSides co-founder, Curmudgeon, Tenable Network Security, Blacksmith, Shoulders of InfoSec, Security Weekly Podcast

Paul Asadoorian @haxorthematrix

Bio: Paul’s Security Weekly Podcast and Blog, dedicated to providing the latest information security news, hacking and research. Haxor of things at InGuardians.

Eleanor Dallaway @infoseceditor

Bio: I’m Eleanor Dallaway, Editor of Infosecurity Magazine. Mostly tweet about infosec, but occasionally basset hounds,wine & all the other stuff that makes me happy.

Jayson E. Street @jaysonstreet

Bio: Hacker author. Globetrotting Infosec Ranger @ PwnieExpress! DCG Global Coordinator! Always learning & always hoping to teach others! http://awkwardhugs.org

James Arlen @myrcurial

Bio: Infosec Geek, Hacker, Social Activist, Author, Speaker, Parent.

Joseph Steinberg @josephsteinberg

Bio: #CyberSecurity and #Tech thought leader, influencer, advisor, inventor, & author. Columnist @Inc, formerly @Forbes. CEO @SecureMySocial. Founder @GreenArmorInc

Barton Gellman @bartongellman

Bio: Surveillance, privacy. Author of ‘Angler’ & forthcoming ‘Dark Mirror’ | @TCFdotorg @princetonCITP @washingtonpost | Secure contacts: https://git.io/v1MHP

Kevin Mitnick @kevinmitnick

Bio: Security Consultant, Public Speaker, & Author Whistling ICBM launch codes since 1988

Wei Chen @_sinn3r

Bio: Animal lover. Senior Security Researcher / Open Source Exploit Developer at #Metasploit #Rapid7

Costin Raiu @craiu

Bio: Romanian antihacker; chief paleontologist; director of Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab. Tweets are my own.

Ashkan Soltani @ashk4n

Bio: I am a researcher focused on privacy, security, and behavioral economics.

Swati Khandelwal @Swati_THN

Bio: Senior #cybersecurity / #privacy Reporter @TheHackersNews | Got Tips? Contact me: swati@thehackernews.com

Troy Hunt @troyhunt

Bio: Pluralsight author. Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security. Online security, technology and “The Cloud”. Creator of @haveibeenpwned.

Eva Galperin @evacide

Bio: Director of Cybersecurity @EFF/ Tech advisor at @freedomofpress/ My tweets are my own /PGP key: https://www.eff.org/files/2014/05/02/evagalperin.txt …

Jake Williams @MalwareJake

Bio: Founder, @RenditionSec. #GSE 150. #SANS Instructor and course author. Breaker of stuff. My expiration date is an undefined value, so living life like it’s today.

Kevin Beaumont @GossiTheDog

Bio: I tweet the weird stuff. Security Architect. Views do not represent my workplace. Writes http://doublepulsar.com | Kevin.beaumont@gmail.com