Can you believe how much the nature of work has changed in the last two decades. You can have a business operation with employees logged in from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to the exponential growth in communication technology, this is a reality. Remote work is rapidly becoming the norm across the world, with experts saying that half the global workforce may be working remotely by 2020. With the rise of service based jobs work has increasingly left the office and gone online. Yes, there of course risks associated with remote work but with the proper set up you’ll be going in now time at all. Did you know that remote work has made it easier to boost productivity in the workplace? It’s true. In addition to that remote work can significantly reduce costs and boost security. This is all made possible by remote employee monitoring software (REM). With REM you get more visibility into employee activity than previously was possible. Let’s get into the details of some of the benefits of remote employee monitoring.

Reduced Costs

First and foremost, reduced costs! Remote employees already save you the costs of having an office building. Even further your saving come in the form of reduced hardware expenses, negligence costs, and productivity. The traditional method of remote work was to provide an employee their own laptop which they could use to access files on a server. However by hosting the OS on a server, a business no longer pays for hardware or hardware replacements. The hardware cost is on the remote employee to have a working computer to access your server. While logged into your server the amount of security tools you have at your disposal protect against any negligent behavior an employee may have. Wages are often the largest cost for any employer, and the less productive an employee is the higher of a cost they become. Remote employee monitoring software reduces wasted labor expenses by allowing you to make sure an employee is on task at all times logged into your server.


Remote work and the monitoring software than can accompany it, often provide a strong security mix that can be more expensive to replicate in traditional settings. When an employee logs into your VPN you can control not just permissions but, what sites are permissible to browse, and what application they are permitted to use. This allows you to keep the computer strictly limited to job duties. With remote employee monitoring you’re able to monitor their application use, have remote desktop control, and see live what they are working on. The endpoint (device) through which the remote employee works is completely under your control. This allows for better preventative measures against insider threats.


The most significant benefit of remote work and remote employee monitoring is the boost in productivity. The productivity gains cannot be realized without some form of remote monitoring software. Remote monitoring, allows for productivity reports of your employees, which can be critical to learning not just how your employees are performing but also how operations can be made more efficient. Textual and visual logs provide insight into employee workflow. The amount of information generated is valuable to learning how you can support your remote employees process, but also catch unproductive time spent working. With remote monitoring software there is also the benefit of behavioral analysis. This is where based on your employees workflow, a norm behavior is established. If there are significant deviations from this behavior then you are alerted immediately. Behavioral analysis is a powerful feature of remote employee monitoring that provides a more complete picture of an employee’s productivity and necessary process to complete work.

Cost reductions, peace of mind, and boosted productivity. These are the primary benefits of remote employee monitoring. If you already have employees who telecommute into work, or remote workers across the globe; then you absolutely need a remote employee monitoring solution. Your gains in productivity and security will reflect in your overall savings and bottom line. So cheers to the future of work, it is a win win for everyone. Click below to learn more about Teramind.

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