According to Gallup, 70% of employed Americans are disengaged. That’s essentially 3/4 of the American workforce. What does this tell us? Employees are generally not satisfied with their job. When employees are dissatisfied, they are prone to larger problems, such as employee embezzlement and breach of business assets.

70% of employed Americans are disengaged. That’s essentially 3/4 of the American workforce. Click To Tweet

When employees are unsatisfied, this can lead to personal behaviors that include lapses in professional judgement and discretion. Knowing when this switch occurs is crucial to confronting and reforming the behavior. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reported in 2012 that the median loss for a small organization after a rogue employee was $140,000.

The perfect employee takes initiative. We want our employees to produce high-quality work, improve their performance, serve our customers, and the list goes on. However, this is not always the story told by business managers. As a business, we can incorporate daily strategies to build an accountability and influential culture in the work office.

Review these 5 ways that business leaders can positively motivate and influence employee behavior.

Value each person’s role and contribution.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, self-esteem, belonging and recognition is a few of the major building blocks to personal happiness and fulfillment. When a business values their employee’s contribution and role, productivity increases and negative behavior decreases. When it’s one worker amongst many, it’s easy for an employee to feel unneeded and insignificant to the larger picture. This shouldn’t be true. The employee feeling valued is the key to long-term motivation and dedication to the business.

Make expectations clear and guidelines clearer.

Expectations must be crystal clear. When rules are hazy and misunderstood, it’s easy for employees to misstep and find themselves in bad standing. This is eliminated when business policy clearly states the expectations, and it clearly lays out the acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Employee behavior is motivated, because employees feel no confusion or mistrust towards what is expected of them in the workplace.

Deal with poor or bad behavior in real-time.

As bad behavior unfolds, rarely does the manager have the opportunity to work with the employee in the moment and correct the behavior as it occurs. In today’s technology advanced world, we’re lucky to have employee monitoring systems that provide a great tool to help managers achieve this. As employees click links to malicious websites or spend too much time in certain applications, managers can utilize the analytics behind employee monitoring to make recommendations to improve productivity. When this can be achieved, employee productivity enhances, and employees are positively influenced.

Create an open, transparent and accessible environment.

An open and accessible environment is created when management trusts employees to make the right decisions, but also when employees trust managers to do the same. In a HubSpot survey, 50% of employees say bosses sharing information and data has a significantly positive impact on their productivity and motivation. That’s not a bad statistic. This trust atmosphere is build through open conversation, sharing of results and clearly defining expectations. When managers share data and information, it’s a positive effect on motivating employee behavior.

Measure everything.

This is easier said than done, but with the right strategy and software it can be achieved. Employee monitoring software offers the opportunity to focus on behavioral patterns such a changes in employee work hours and attempts to access unauthorized areas, logging it in real-time. This also helps with behavior issues like we discussed above. Ill-intended employees can be hard to detect.

Threats posed by insiders are virtually undetectable without gathering and analyzing data from many sources. These are the negative sides; however, this system can also record when the employee is most productive and show positive growth over time. This can be very influential when looking for evidence in a salary increase.

By using a monitoring software to measure everything, managers can strategically log and create a story.

Motivating employees can be a challenge; however, it’s completely within a manager’s reach with practical measures and strategies. Keep your eyes open, ready to align behaviors when appropriate or reinforce positive behaviors. All in all, these are positive and effective ways to influence employee behavior. Click below to learn more about Teramind.

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